It all started with an idea. Well, two actually. After returning home to Melbourne in 2008 after a 10yr stay in Europe, the makers behind Make Me Iconic immediately fell in love with the city again. It has so much to offer that is unique, stylish and contemporary, and they wanted something in their home that brought those elements to life. Sadly, there was nothing to be found. They had great souvenirs from their travels, but nothing to represent Melbourne – the city they grew up in and once again called home.

So the seed was sewn. They sought out the best young, local designers to help represent some of the unsung icons of the city. They knew what the icons were but didn’t know much about their history, so they decided to educate themselves and their customers about the history of each icon.

So with unsung icons and urban education in mind, Make Me Iconic was born, launching their first range of products in December 2009. Designed for locals and tourists alike, Make Me Iconic’s range of products capture the essence of the city and give it the style and sophistication it deserves.