Keep Calm - Mist

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Keep calm mist, designed to do simply that. Create a calm and inviting atmosphere with simply a few sprays. spray me on your clothes or your kiddies clothes if they are feeling a touch anxious or overwhelmed. spray in a room with intention to remove negative energy and replace it with this calm and soothing aroma. filled with pure essential oils such as Sandalwood to cleanse the space, Frankincense the king of oils to enhance the other oils, bergamot to relax and soothe the emotions and roman chamomile to calm the nerves. a simple and beautiful spray. 

Apply: Spray to open area

Ingredients: Bergamot, frankincense, roman chamomile and sandalwood pure essential oils. Infused with organic dried chamomile and rose flowers with fractionated coconut oil and distilled water. 100ml

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