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Matching Expressions Puzzle

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Matching Expressions is game of observation, language, communication, identification and oral expression.

In this wooden lotto game your child will match the characters with the tiles of the same emotional expression.

This is a wonderful game for your child’s emotional development as they will learn about feelings and identifying emotions in others.

Children with special needs such as Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome will benefit greatly from this game.

Includes 4 wooden Cards and 24 facial expressions

Encourage your child to express each emotion on their own face. Why not talk about each emotion and what makes them feel happy, sad, angry etc. You could also talk about ways in which your child could regulate some of their own emotions eg. when scared- cuddle a teddy, when angry- take a deep breath and count to five etc.

Age 3+ Players 2-4

Box Dimensions 22 x 19 x 4cm