Framed Print - Cotton and Coral

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One warm summer day, Cotton the unicorn was at the beach keeping cool in the gentle sea waves when a sparkle and a splash caught his eye. He couldn’t believe his eyes when a mermaid poked her head up out of the sea!

The mermaid Coral, gave Cotton a magical kiss on the tip of his nose and invited him to come for a swim. Cotton couldn’t believe it. He could swim and breathe underwater. He was a real sea horse!

Cotton and Coral had a magical day exploring all the wonders of the ocean, it was a day they would never forget and they have been the best of friends ever since.

Designed to add love and magic to your little one's bedroom, this print is available in A3 size.

Printed, framed and packaged with care, you will love its stunning quality. Please note colours may vary slightly to those on screen.