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Suction bowl

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You can’t turn your back on them for a second! The plate goes flying, spaghetti sauce explodes over the wall like a burst pipe, the dogs licking the floor, the cats licking the dog, slow dramatic music is playing in the background and little miss is in hysterics because her fork is not the same colour as her spoon! Cherish these moments..

Well stick with us because we have your back!

The Emondo Kids Suction Bowl is your answer in the pursuit of stopping the cat lick the dog!....no wait, we mean the transition to a more solid mealtime routine and the progression in developing a positive relationship with food.

Uniquely developed with the best suction to ever suck, to ensure that the bowl stays where you put it, until you move it, as well as a predominantly flat base to assist in the use of utensils, the 100% sustainably made Emondo Kids Suction Bowl is a win for you and the dog!