The Big Book of Bugs

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The Big Book of Bugs | Hard Cover Picture Book | 2y+ written by Yuval Zommer This fabulous book explains how bugs live nearly everywhere on Earth and gives tips on how to become a young bug spotter. The book is divided into key groups of bugs, including beetles, moths, butterflies, bees, snails, crickets, grasshoppers, worms and spiders, all illustrated with scenic compositions. Some pages approach the world of bugs thematically, such as bugs that come out at night, baby creepy-crawlies and life cycles, how bugs hide and show off and how some bugs love to live in your home. The text is chatty, funny and full of amazing facts. Industry Reviews “Splendid ... children and their parents will be riveted’ – Observer ‘Continues the welcome trend for beautifully illustrated non fiction ... a book to stimulate curiosity and counter squeamishness’ – Sunday Times ‘A gem of children’s non-fiction ... answers all the questions your little one might ask’ – The Guardian Witness ‘With beautifully detailed illustrations and funny, fact-filled language, this is the ultimate guide to our creepy-crawly world’ – Parent Talk ‘One of our favourite non-fiction picture books ... A highly engaging, yet understated learning experience for any young bug-spotter’ – Picture Books Blogger ‘This book is full of amazing facts designed to inspire children – and enable them to become skilled bug-spotters themselves’ – Absolutely Mama ‘Good value hardback book with fascinating information brought to life in the most beautiful way ‘ – Angels & Urchins ‘I really recommend The Big Book of Bugs as an essential addition to any growing mind’s bookshelf ‘ – Families magazine ‘Bugs have never looked better than in Zommer’s colourful, often comical little portraits and glorious natural backdrops, from gardens to ponds ‘ – ‘A magical introduction to the world of insects’ – The Green Parent ‘Written with warmth and humour, the fact-filled text provides a fascinating insight into the creepy-crawly kingdom’ – Smallish ‘A sumptuous, outsized guide to marvelling at minibeasts’